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1972 Chevrolet Corvette LT-1

Busted Knuckles Auctions presents this awesome 1972 Chevrolet Corvette LT-1 Convertible. This 1972 Chevrolet Corvette LT-1 convertible offered for sale is an excellent example of an exceptionally rare car that has been a part of the present owner’s portfolio since December 2011. Information received at the time of purchase indicates the car received a respray in the factory paint color shortly before it was acquired by the present owner. The car was sold new in the state of Illinois and the car was owned by an Oklahoma resident when it sold in 2011. The car is well documented, with both the Protect-O-Plate and original two-page tank sticker.

Introduced by Chevrolet as a regular production option (RPO) for the 1970 model year Camaro and Corvette, the LT-1 small block has become the stuff legends are made from! Displacing 350 cubic inches, the LT-1 featured a forged crankshaft rotating in a four-bolt main bearing block, forged aluminum pistons, high-flowing cylinder heads and a special camshaft fed by a single Holley four barrel on top of an aluminum manifold. The LT-1 disappeared from the option list for a few decades after the 1972 model year, and the name was resurrected in the early 90’s for a few years only to be replaced by the LS engine series.



The 1970 version featured a 10.1 compression ratio and displaced a rated 370 horsepower in the Corvette (the Camaro version was rated at 360 horsepower). In 1971 and 1972 the compression ratio was dropped to 9.1, resulting in a drop to 330 horsepower for 1971. In 1972 federal regulations were changed regarding how an engine’s horsepower was determined (a net rating instead of gross horsepower) resulting, at least on paper, in a drop to 255 rated horsepower in 1972 although performance figures remained virtually the same.

Exterior and Interior


Finished in Classic White (paint code 972) with a saddle leather interior (code 421), the paint presents very well and the brightwork is in excellent condition. The engine numbers match the final digits of the car’s VIN. The engine build date is May 10, 1972 which would be consistent for the June 1, 1972 build date of the car. A correct Muncie four-speed with factory shifter delivers power to the rear differential. The car is loaded with options including air conditioning, power steering, power disc brakes, power windows, tilt/telescoping steering wheel and AM/FM radio. Full gauges are present and the correct 5,600 redline RPM tachometer (non-A/C cars showed a 6,500 RPM redline) sits inside the dash. While we believe the 65,000 showing on the car’s odometer to be original and correct, in accordance with Missouri statutes relating to licensed automobile dealers this car will be sold as “mileage exempt” due to age. This is an exceptional rare, classic Corvette that would be a welcome addition to virtually any collector’s portfolio.



A total of 27,004 Chevrolet Corvettes were manufactured in 1972, with 6,508 convertibles in the mix. According to GM production records, only 1,741 1972 Corvettes came from the St. Louis assembly plant with the LT-1 powerplant between the front frame rails. Another interesting fact is that the 1972 model year was the only year factory air-conditioning was available with the LT-1 engine, making it a very rare option. GM records show a total of 240 1972 LT-1 equipped Corvettes (coupes and convertibles) were ordered with air-conditioning.

Specific factory numbers are not available but based on production percentages of convertibles versus coupes Corvette experts estimate the number of LT-1 optioned AC convertibles to be no more than 30 total. Factor into the equation that only slightly over 10 percent of the total 1972 Corvette production was painted Classic White and all four interior color options (red, back, blue and saddle) were available in both vinyl and leather options and this is an exceptionally rare and desirable vehicle!

Basic information as stated by the seller

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Make and Model

Seller – Dealer

Listing Type – Car

Year – 1972

Make – Chevrolet

Model – Corvette LT-1


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Basic Facts

VIN – 1Z67L2S522836

Exterior Color – Classic White

Interior Color – Saddle Leather

Odometer Reading – 65,000 miles

Engine – LT-1 350 V8

Transmission Type – 4-Speed Manual

Is The Mileage Accurate? – Yes

Is The Engine Original? – Yes

Vehicle Title – Clean title

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Odometer Reading:

Is the milage accurate?: Yes – Original Miles

Is The Engine Original: Yes

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Vehicle Title:

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