Busted Knuckles Auctions
Busted Knuckles Auctions

Busted Knuckles vs The Other Online Auctions

Why and how is Busted Knuckles Auctions different from the other guys.

BKA was created with a personable approach to buying and selling cars through an online platform.

We are not about sales trends and profits. We are not about dictating what we think reserve prices should be to our sellers. We are not about kicking a seller down the road if their vehicle does not sell. Other Online Auctions unfortunately are a different animal. If an auction does not meet the reserve price, Busted Knuckles gives the consignor the option to relist Free of charge.  The Others do not. Busted Knuckles will also act as a liaison between bidder and consignor to possibly work out a deal to assure a sell. The others do not.

BKA is here as a comfortable and stress free platform to buy and sell online. Owning a special vehicle, motorcycle, or a collection is a personal and rewarding feeling.

Other Online Auction Cons

    • They charge to list
    • They do not let you relist if your vehicle does not sell
    • They take up to 8 weeks to start an auction. 8 WEEKS!
    • They dictate on what they think is a valid reserve price is

With that said, our customers set the reserve price. We are not going to tell you what we think your car is worth, charge you a sellers fee, and drop you like a bad habit if your car does not sell. I know because I have listed vehicles with the other guys in the past and ended up feeling like a number to them rather than a valued Seller. It really ticked me off. This is why Busted Knuckles Auctions takes the Personable approach to online vehicle and motorcycle auctions.

We look forward to listing and selling your awesome mechanized investment whether car, truck, or motorcycle.

Check us out at www.bustedknucklesauctions.com and God Bless Horsepower!

Busted Knuckles Auctions
Busted Knuckles Auctions

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  • Listing and Selling is Free
  • 3.9% Buyer Commissions
  • Guaranteed Listing in 3 Days
  • Sellers Set the Reserve