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Questions and Answers for Sellers

Unlike the other online auctions, consigning with Busted Knuckles is free of charge. All of our consignors are equal to us here at BKA. You love Cars and Motorcycles, and so does our Team. We strive to give (White Glove) treatment to everyone.

The first step in getting your collector automobile consigned with BKA begins with becoming a member of the BKA team. Membership is free, and takes seconds to join. To start the membership process to auction your vehicle, motorcycle, or specialty part CLICK HERE FOR MEMBERSHIP.

If you have additional questions or require further information, please contact BKA at [email protected]

Busted Knuckles will determine a day between Monday and Friday to start the auction for you. The start and end time will be between 11 a.m. pacific time zone and 4 p.m. central time zone. However, you may request a specific day who want the auction to start and our team will try our best to start your auction that day for your convenience. Your schedule is important to us and you should not have to be locked down by a schedule that benefits the auction and not the Seller. The auction will run 10 to 14 days once the listing goes live.

At BKA we accept cars with and without reserve. We do it both ways and our clients have the choice.However, it is advised that you do your market research on your item when you have a reserve price. BKA will advise you and help you with determining what is a realistic reserve before the start of auction if need be. Ultimately, it is your choice and we respect your decision on the reserve price chosen.

If your vehicles reserve is not met on the online BKA block, we will give you the option of relisting it for another week free of charge to continue to work for you to sell your vehicle. Simply put, nobody wants to sell your vehicle more than we do.

If you have additional questions, or require any further information regarding the consignment process you can reach a consignment specialist at [email protected]

BKA will provide you with the buyers information. The buyer will also be provided with your information to ensure a smooth transaction. We advise the seller to send a photocopy of the Title and Bill of Sale to the Winning Buyer. It is up to the Buyer and Seller to work out payment arrangements. BKA recommends wire transfer as the quickest and smoothest transaction.

Here At Busted Knuckles, everyones car, truck, or motorcycle is valuable to Us. All consignments sent to us will be chosen for Auction on Easy to follow requirements. These include multiple photos, a detailed description, title status, and other simple to follow listing page details. BKA is not like the other online auction guy that is going to discriminate due to sales trends, American or Foreign Product, or what they think your car, truck, or motorcycle is worth. BKA wants your business and we will strive to make your selling process successful!

BKA will evaluate your submission and will accept parts or memorabilia of auction significance. BKA is an auction platform and unique items in this category is what we strive to list and sell for you. These parts include unique engines, wheels, chassis, frame Kits, unique body parts, seats, trailers, and other hard to find Items for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Unique Memorabilia pertaining to the automotive and motorcycle world are also welcome on our auction. These may include items such as vintage signs, gas station tanks, statues, custom furniture, replicas, auto related movie memorabilia, etc.

BKA will allow you to relist your Consignment if it does not sell free of charge. We want your item to sell as much as you do. Our auction company is not interested in charging you a listing fee, running the auction, then kicking you down the road and not letting you list again if your item does not sell. You are important to BKA and we are not that kind of auction.

You have the choice of lowering the reserve price anytime you want. Reserve prices can not be raised during the auction once the reserve price is set at the beginning.

BKA is here to sell your car, truck, motorcycle, or unique part. We do not stop the auctions early. BKA kindly advises that you allow our auction to run its course and refrain from trying to sell outside of our respected agreement. 


Questions and Answers for Buyers

Bidder registration is free. You just have to join the site. BKA will authorize a $0.50 charge on your credit card and refund the charge to prove legitimacy of the Bidder. This just lets BKA and everyone else interested that you are a serious buyer.


BKA encourages the bidder to educate themselves on the item they wish to bid on by taking a close look at the listing details, pictures, and videos provided by the seller.

BKA also encourages the bidder to look and participate in our listing comment section which allows members to interact with each other. Often, many important details, facts, and constructive feedback will be shared about the item listed.

Yes. BKA will allow registered bidders to send messages to the seller about info on the item selling through our site.

Remember this is an auction and you may bid as many times as you want. When the Auction is 3 minutes from ending and a bid is entered the auction clock will reset to 3 minutes allowing other bidders time to counter the high bid. This is fair to the seller and all participating bidders.

When the Auction is 3 minutes from ending and a bid is entered the auction clock will reset to 3 minutes allowing other bidders time to counter the high bid. This is fair to the seller and all participating bidders.

Once you win the auction, you will be notified that you have won and BKA will provide you with the sellers info to complete the transaction.

** BKA will then charge your credit card for the buyers premium commission ** 


Although sometimes it is not possible, it’s always good to have inspections done. BKA will provide registered bidders with the sellers info to schedule an inspection. Please email us at [email protected] and we will connect you with the seller.

BKA only charges an industry low 4.5% Buyers Premium on purchases not to exceed $5000.00 with a minimum of $250.00 on vehicles. BKA will not charge the winning bidder over $5000.00 of the final selling price. BKA charges a flat 10% fee on parts and memorabilia.

BKA strives for selling and buying success. If the bidding gets close to the reserve, BKA may make a decision to match the funds to meet the sellers reserve. You as the high bidder will only pay BKA the 3.9% or $250.00 minimum of the last high bid you placed. BKA will also work as a liaison between bidder and consignor at the end of the auction to try and work out a deal if necessary.

After your card is successfully charged the Buyer’s Premium by BKA, BKA will provide you with the sellers information. The seller will also be provided with your information to ensure a smooth transaction. If you have further questions or require additional information, please contact the BKA business office at [email protected]

Sales tax is determined in a state by state basis after your purchase.

Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. BKA will refer different shipping companies for vehicles and motorcycles. 

Shipping is the responsibility of the Buyer unless Buyer and Seller have worked out other arrangements. BKA will be happy to provide resources of different shipping company by emailing us at [email protected]



  • Listing and Selling is Free
  • 3.9% Buyer Commissions
  • Guaranteed Listing in 3 Days
  • Sellers Set the Reserve