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List Your Exotic Vehicles For Free on Busted Knuckles Auction

List Your Exotic Vehicle for Free on Busted Knuckles Auction

Busted Knuckles auction offers sought-after, unique, and valuable automobiles and motorcycles for sale on an online auction, crafted for the benefit of buyer and seller preferences. Owner Trey Seiter and his team of experienced enthusiasts have dedicated considerable thought into building this auction website.

Traveling to auctions can cost a pretty penny whether you want to buy or sell a specialty vehicle. On top of that, commercialized auction shows charge up to 10% upfront for the seller to list their item, and charge the buyer 10% at the final sale. Even bidding online or over the phone with these large auctions will cost the buyer 12% at closing.

Here the benefits for listing your cars with Busted Knuckles:

        • No fees to list items
        • Flexible policy to list your items
        • No hidden charges during the sale
        • Customer service to assist listings
        • Interactive auction forum
        • The platform is trusted by buyers and enthusiasts

Once the sale has been completed, Busted Knuckles auction will incur 3.5% on top of the total sale for cars, trucks, and motorcycles to be paid from the buyer’s pocket. But, they have a cap of $5,000; meaning if your luxury sportscar is listed $1 million, you as the seller won’t be stripped of the additional profit. On the flip side, all cars are subject to a $250 minimum fee.

If you are purchasing memorabilia or car parts the commission is 10% of the total price.

List Your Exotic Vehicle for Free on Busted Knuckles AuctionWhat makes Busted Knuckles extremely unique is the ability for non-buyers and non-sellers the ability to comment on the bidding process. Any enthusiast is welcome to join the Busted Knuckles site as a member and provide sound advice to those bidding in real-time. This allows for season enthusiasts to tout their knowledge, engage in a live auction experience, and provide positive feedback for buyers.

Trey Seiter
Trey Seiter

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